Change in November

Over the past month or so, money seems to be flying out the window. A coffee here, food & drinks there… and now an almost empty bank account. Although most of these “expenses” have been a convenience thing, they add up very quickly. So, for the month of November I plan to spend as little as possible on “eating out”. November is a month of some birthdays/holidays so I do realize that some exceptions will need to be made but hopefully coupons will help to keep the costs down. Not only will this new goal of mine be healthier for my bank account, it will also be healthier for my body!

I have also decided to give up alcohol for this month. I’ve done a lot of researching & it seems like a lot of other people have experimented with this as well– all of them say that there were some benefits. Was it worth it?– That is something that I will have to find out for myself! Although I don’t have any alcohol problems, even after a few drinks I a. feel like crap, b. loose motivation to do things & c. well it just sucks. Although I would like to give it up 100%, I am not ready to make that commitment just yet! This weekend I will be going on a wine tour where I would like to sample some wines & I’m thinking that I would like to enjoy an occasional drink over the holidays. I am not sure what benefits will come from this but I will be sure to keep you posted!



This year for Halloween I let Dylan put his creativity to use… Although I wanted to be Fred & Wilma Flintstone, I was super happy with the way that our costumes came out. After many hours of watching you-tube videos & about an hour of self-prep, we made some pretty awesome zombies. We got SO many compliments & a lot of really funny looking stares. Definitely a fun night & even more envious of Dylan’s creativity skills.

the little things*

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for over a year now & have continued to put it off. Finally, on this rainy fall night, I’ve done it! I decided to make this blog to keep you all in touch with my crazy-busy-ever changing life, share stories, pictures, recipes, etc. As i’ve grown up i’ve realized how precious life is and how its the little things in life that really matter. I hope my “little things” will remind you of all the amazing little things you enjoy & are blessed with in your life!